Nette: A Research OS for the Web
A better way to think.
Go beyond notes, tasks and bookmarks.
Grow your own interactive network of ideas that seamlessly integrates with your life.
Nette is a visual and interactive workspace
that gives you superpowers
Join Nette.
We'll connect you with a fresh think-space 🏄
Grow as a thinker, grow as a person
Non-linear, truly visual sense-making
Nette is a two dimensional canvas—that's twice as many dimensions as your note-taking tool.
A visual thinkers paradise 😎
Hyper-connected, your shortest path to insight
Connect text in a YouTube video with a Tweet,
with the person who wrote that blog post about the pink gorilla, with... 🤷
Never lose context again!
Save the process as well as the result
Where the hell did that come from?
What’s the thinking behind this figure?
These are questions of the past 🥸
Integrated research, planning,
notetaking and annotating
all in one place
Context switching is the productivity killer.
Better: think, plan, prioritise and assign
from the comfort of one workspace 🥿
Part of your life!
Nette is not just another tool.
We go above and beyond to integrate with the rest of your digital life.
Your files, your browser, your devices; your friends and colleagues 🍹
You can finally think the way your brain wants to think
—freely associate information for novel insights.
You can finally get all the power the computers can give you
—search through all of your information and unearth the surprising connections.
Research Tools
research tools are built-in: extract PDF highlights, text recognition, extract captions etc.
meta-data is kept for all types of media and annotations
Maker & Manager
plan and manage, but also learn and create in the same environement
Quick Access
full text search of everything in the system
see everything in one place: create a mental picture of what’s available
each piece of information “knows” about its provenance
An all-in-one visual workspace
Use Cases
🧬 Write that important essay or article
  • keep references
  • discover connections across different sources
  • research all the different aspects of... deep sea diving! (terms, timelines, tech, people etc.)
  • plan and deliver on a deadline
🗓 Plan tasks for your team
  • deepen your understanding of your user base
  • connect technical designs with customer support and documentation
  • explore areas of growth to provide a complete platform
  • communicate the vision to various stakeholders
📚 Study for your upcoming exams
  • explore the whole research space and monitor your progress
  • combine media: video lectures, images, notes and more
  • highlight and annotate important things for revisions
  • keep an agenda, given an otherwise overhelming amount of material
🗺 Prepare for a conference or holiday
  • logistics: triangulate—hotel, conference venue and hip city district
  • foodie? track the best restaurants in the city
  • find good places and times to network and relax
  • bring together advice and reviews from many sources into one place
Philosophy // Vision
Less is more
Clean look, unified user interface—easy and fun to use.
More is more
All kinds of media, all annotated—integrated, malleable and powerful.
Power to the people
Advanced intelligence software accessible to everyone!
It's not a tool, it's the whole workshop!
Universal like "pen & paper" but also...
your highlighters, sticky notes, paperclips... ruler, protractor, stencils...
Oh, and you can make origami and paper airplanes, kind of 😜