Dear Legend...

Hello 👋

I'm Paweł—buliding Nette has been my dream for the last decade, now coming to fruition!

I want you to build it with me

This may be your dream job as well if you're interested building tools that help people think and feel better—tools for thought, future of work etc.—if so I welcome you 🥧

Right now we're mostly looking for a designer... though front-end and back-end developers, we like you too!

There are a few requirements:

  • be a nice person
  • love the space Nette is in
  • be obsessed with helping users achieve more and feel better
  • enjoy good software
  • be interested in computing's paths not taken...
  • ...and the future of more humane computing

Product Designer

You're someone who wants to go deep on the visual and gestural representations of how we think—the look, the feel, the history, the practicality and humanity of it all. In particular someone with:

  • a passion for elevating software to the level of inspiring, creative experience
  • focus and determination to find out what users really need
  • ambition to bring clarity to complex interfaces
  • confidence that you can be a self-driven researcher discovering new expressive ways to manipulate information

Front-End Developer

  • a lot of front-end experience—you're an expert in all things that run in the browser
  • some ClojureScript experience—you truly love it and can't wait to learn more
  • ambition to push the envelope of what's possible in the browser and...
  • ...create the best user experience on the web—seriously!

Back-End Developer

  • years of experience in building backend / web services
  • some Clojure experience
  • deep understanding of the JVM & web platforms
  • exposure and understanding of different kinds of databases
  • strong commitment and ambition to build elegant software—and a reliable and performant experience for our users

Kind regards,