Writing in the digital margins

One of the earliest inspirations for me to work on Nette, was this idea of ‘Blurring the lines between curation and creation.’ (wouldn't blame you if you considered the slogan a tad pretentious)

There is this tradition in the far away land of humanities (from which I hail) of ‘writing in the margins.’ A belief that the acts of reading and writing are largely that—getting inspired, using 'margins' as your space, a space for exploration.

◼︎ I've never found that experience reflected in digital tools.

Why does most software lack this quality? I think it breaks down when we put up walls, where there aren't any in reality. Even if the phrase ‘blurring the lines between curation and creation’ irks me a little, I still like it. It's nice, it's crisp, it gives me a sense of what writing in the margins could mean in software.

Ideas don't exist in a vacuum and we never really start with a blank page.

● We are truly citizens of The World of Associations and Inspirations and I for one, want software to reflect that.

One part of our attempt to fix this is how we integrate publishing in Nette.

▲ The story arc is simple and exciting and it is this:

  • Easy to get in—connect with the world of existing information—we call it Browse.

  • Keep you in the Flow to help you build on top of that initial spark—we call it Expand and Explore!

  • Finally—Sharing is caring. You can publish a note and a workspace poster (which I think is cool I :))