Hallo Spaceboy!

Well... it's just a different kind of 'hello world', not more than that really…

For starters, it says 'hallo', right? 😎

Yet another difference—start with ideas, ideas that are not fully formed, ideas that could be the first real post… how about:

  • Nette: A Social Network for Introverts

  • Thinking with hands / Gestural in the land of cerebral

  • No Manifestoes!

  • Audio, video, disco: Text does't play nice with others

  • Thinking with hands or the gestural in the land of cerebral

☎️ Do let me know what you think, maybe some of those get written? :)

Presently, we're still in this first chapter, in which I tell you briefly, in five simple points what Nette is about:

  • better web browsing

  • better reading

  • better writing

  • search and discovery

  • and it really is and we’re doing anything we can to help you think / learn / understand better!

We care about what you think, so give Nette a go and drop us line at contact@nette.io.

In the meantime I leave you with a song—please do come back!

From: Hallo Spaceboy.

Pawel (receiving electronic mail on: pawel@nette.io)